Solar Odyssey, LLC is a renewal solar energy company focused on meeting the needs of the both the Commercial and Residential Markets. Solar Odyssey is dedicated to providing quality electrical systems that deliver exceptional results for our customers.  Solar Odyssey takes pride in delivering simple and rewarding solutions to our clients.

We offer specialized solutions for Residential, Commercial and Industrial market across Texas and the United States.  Our electrical and solar systems are designed with the highest quality products and supported by industry-leading warranties for your peace of mind.

Solar Odyssey possesses both design and install accreditation for both grid-connected and battery backup solar energy systems, enabling us to deliver long-term benefits in terms of costs and greenhouse gas emissions savings to all of our customers.

A commitment to client service, expertise in projects of diverse size and nature, and a hands-on approach by our management team are core values which underpin our to our work at all times.

Our commitment to safety, occupational health and the welfare of our employees, clients and the public alike  is absolute and unwavering, and takes precedence over all operational aspects of our work.


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